Friday, 3 September 2010

Lady Gaga versus LOLcats

Soooo...The Ballad of Barbara is over. And now it's Friday! Which means that you guys deserve a proper prize. And by prize, I mean this snazzy drawing of Lady Gaga's attempts at capturing some of the viral fame enjoyed by everybody's favourite LOLcats.

I really like this drawing and I la la love the idea of Lady Gaga versions of famous LOLcats. They've probably already been done - I'm too scared to look online in case it *has* been done and I'll feel like a fraud. Boo hoo.

Actually, as a BONUS prize, I went through old drawings and found another Lady Gaga drawing, which I'd uploaded here but not on my actual website. So I'll fix that. And I'll add it here again anyways. There's a funny story behind it which I will tell you all about when we hang out. GOOD TIMES FOR EVERYONE!

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DC said...

Love the Lady Gaga lolcats! Osm n.nb