Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Ballad of Barbara - page 24 + 25 - THE END!

So yeah - here are the last two pages of The Ballad of Barbara. Personally I feel like the story works better in print but I hope you've enjoyed reading it anyways. I will look into doing something like this again but maybe with a story that's made with the Internet in mind. Or maybe I won't! I guess we'll have to wait and see?

Anyways - let me know your thoughts and tell me all the hot gossip!

Also - here are all the page updates on this blog and here's the first page if you want to read it all again

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm excited about tomorrow's drawing. It may or may not involve Lady Gaga! Woo!


Bil said...

Really liked this story, and Barbara's such a nice character ! I know I said it before but I really hope we'll see her again someday. Can't wait for your next story.

DC said...

I was wondering about his pirate patch since the beginning. Haha!

Rosiee* said...

I have the Barbara story in a book :)
I think that makes me cool..