Sunday, 25 April 2010

Thought of the Day


It is totally Sunday! I have had a funny weekend. Yesterday, a pal and I went to visit Airside who were selling off old stock. I got a fancy (and rude) print for my friend. Then we went to see Date Night in an almost empty cinema (it was super sunny outside) and ate popcorn and laughed. The movie is both amazing and funny. I wanted to buy new comics but the ash cloud meant that the comics hadn't shipped!

Boo hoo.

I spent the rest of Saturday (and Sunday) playing Plants vs. Zombies on the iPhone and watching series three of 30 Rock.

IN OTHER NEWS: an engineer is going to come and look at my poorly computer. I should be back to normal (hopefully) by mid-May... I've got some big plans! but between you and me, I'm quite enjoying doing less drawing.


get in here said...

I'm surrounded by porn and kittens. That much is true.

Anonymous said...
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