Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Long Weekend of Awful Jokes

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend - three whole days of not doing much. HOORAY! To celebrate, I have decided to upload a different Awful Joke each day until I return to work. I'd like to say I've been planning this for a while...but it's really because I happen to have some comics which have awful jokes in them.

To start with - here are two of the Power Rangers! Someone told me that the Red Ranger is doing naughty movies these days but I can't believe it. He was always so noble!

Today was Free Comic Book Day and I went to Orbital Comics where We Are Words + Pictures were giving out copies of Paper Science 2. I did some drawing and spoke to people I've never spoken to before - which is sort of impressive for me. I also did some drawings - I hope the new people didn't think I was a twat.

My computer is meant to be getting fixed on Wednesday - so I can hopefully start updating the proper site after that.


Enjoy the weekend


Graham Johnson said...

I always knew his nobility was hiding something. Tut tut.

Oh and you weren't a twat and the comics you drew were great!

Anonymous said...
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get in here said...

Excellent! Power Ranger one made me laugh unexpectedly. Drink snortage.

Timothy Winchester said...

You guys are too kind!

Or massive liars...