Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ke$ha is wild (and gets a kitten)

I was saving this for an extra special day because it's one of those rare drawings that actually makes me laugh. Oh Ke$ha - I know you're wild and crazy...but you just need a hug, don't you? You poor girl. When was the last time someone gave you a hug and meant it - really meant it? It must be so difficult for you, trying to be wild and crazy all the time.

Anyways. Today is an extra special day for two reasons.

Reason 1 - Mister Computer returned from the Computer Hospital! He appears to be much better and I am typing on him right this minute! I need to spent a lot of time reorganising my files but still... hooray! Welcome back Mister Computer. I

Reason 2 - I've been really sad lately but I had some nice emails and I haven't cried - so that is another special reason in my book.

I need to sit down and start work on a new issue of People I Know - but I'll still be popping by to update drawings here. I'm sorry the last month has been so sporadic. I promise to try much harder at some point this year.

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