Friday, 28 May 2010

MCM Expo

I was meant to post this on Thursday but I packed my suitcase instead and then I spent Friday running away from lumpy deer and seeing dinosaurs. Really, today deserves its own blog...which will have to wait.

This weekend is the MCM Expo where I've got a table at the Comics Village. Come along and say hello. Actually - here is that dance routine I created for it:

If you come along to my table and do the dance for me - I'll be over the moon. OR! You could just ask me for a demonstration and I'll (maybe) do it for you! Everyone is a winner!

Speaking of winners - there are some special guests at MCM this weekend  - Oliver (from Oliver) and Willow (from Willow)! Plus, Lizz and I are doing another game of Dino-Saw-Us - which you have to play.

Oh - but public transport in London appears to be a bit rubbish this weekend. HOORAY!


Izzie said...

I'm going to the MCM expo tomorrow, I shall try and do the dance for you. -salutes-

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

If only I'd know about doing a dance beforehand.

Great stall and excellent comics! I shall return for more one day in the future.