Saturday, 22 May 2010

My Cardboard Life: Lady Gaga

The third, final and fanciest of my drawings for My Cardboard Life's 300th Fiesta. I hope you like it! There are some *amazing* comics taking part - it's a real opener and I'm really glad I took part.

In other news: Mister Computer needs to go back to Computer Hospital. I called the Computer Medics and they said they'll possibly have to wipe everything - which is a bit sad but I backed up a while ago so phew. Also, I'm still a little sad but I have a plan! It involves a fair few risky things but fingers crossed. I mean, the risky stuff is my backup plan - I'll try a sensible route first and hope for the best.

I'm working on a new mini comic about magic. It won't be ready in time for MCM Expo but it will totally be done for whenever my next event is. OH! And I've got a fun upload coming soon so stay tuned. It has lasers in it!


許冠廷 said...
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Anonymous said...

The comic is awesome! And poor Mister Computer. Hope he comes home soon!