Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Super Virgins: Part 2

Here is the concluding part of the introduction comic to The Super Virgins. Hooray! I hope you like them - because I think we'll be seeing more of them...

In other news: I went to see the Professor Layton movie and it was AMAZING! I should probably save my blurb about that for some other time. I'm still super behind on sorting out emails but I have two (!!!) new ideas for new comics. I won't give too much away but one is about a wizard and one is not about a wizard.

Also - it is MCM Expo this weekend! I am buying a new suitcase for it! Also - I made up a dance routine for it. I'll post it up on Thursday. If you come find my stall and do this dance routine then I'll be super impressed!

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