Friday, 30 July 2010

Draw A Monster! Results #5

This is the final bunch of Monster drawings... If I was smart, I would have uploaded a different bunch each day so I could take the next week off. But look at them! it would be impossible (and wrong) to keep so much brilliance locked away.

So here are the last ones.I hope you like them!

HOORAY! It's the Cat Monster! By Philippa! What a stud (the monster - not Philippa). Philippa is possibly the best person to invite to a picnic because she bakes the fanciest cakes ever. And she makes a proper webcomic too. Check it out! Thank you Philippa! I will buy you pancakes or something!
This monster is from Ted! And what a corker it is! If you've ever met me then you'll know about my odd softspot for Tom this drawing is like a dream come true. Thank you very much Ted! I'm totally indebted to you!
Yippee! It's a drawing by Tim! And just look at how happy it is! Maybe living in Tracy's hair is a good place to live if you are a monster. Regardless, this is brilliant! Thank you very much Tim!
And's the monster I made that started this whole thing. It looks piss poor in comparison to all the brilliant drawings. So yes - thank you thank you thank you to everyone that sent in a drawing. I really appreciate it and am proper surprised at how many people got involved. I'll pay you all back somehow!

Until next time, stay out of trouble

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