Friday, 30 July 2010

Draw A Monster! Results #4

More monsters - coming 'atcha! More monsters - coming - 'atcha!

Cuter than a button and twice as useful, Lizz sent in this super cute monster. Look at it's little hugging arms! Why, if thay moved up just a little bit then Tracy would have perfect grounds for a sexual harrassment case! FUN FACT: Lizz has her very own website and is super nice. Thank you Lizz!
Next up is Nick! I met Nick at a talk he did that I sort of gatecrashed. I thought he was super cool - but I never suspected he was cool enough to draw an elephant! Bonus points for you Nick! And thank you very much! I'll pay you back one day!
From Nick to Nik! Yes - it's a super awesome monster is drawn by Nik. As well as being a super nice Swede, Nik is also in a band called Moustcahe of Insanity and knows more super-secret bands than I've had hot dinners. Thank you very much Nik - this is cooler than the coolest band I've never heard of!
Remember Briony from the first batch of drawings? Well, her friend Other Andy drew a monster too! Since we already had a drawing from one Andy, I renamed second Andy as Other Andy - hence why his amazing drawing is here rather than at the start. More importantly - it's an ace drawing! Excellent work Other Andy! Thank you very much!

Phew! So many amazing monsters!

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