Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Computer Games and Podcasts

Hello Hello!

I've recently got into listening to podcasts whilst I do my drawing. Yes, I know I'm about ten years behind the curve but I was used to watching television. Leave me alone. I've mostly been listening to two podcasts in particular - Off the Wall Post and Is It The Future Yet?

I decided to do a drawing for Joey, Jem and Ben - the guys behind Is It The Future Yet? Their podcast is about computer games and technology and what's coming soon. It's perfect for me since I don't have much time to play computer games but I *love* reading about them. Listening about them is even better! Maybe one day I'll upgrade from my DS (hello Pokemon!) and get an X Box or something.

Anyways. Here is a drawing about Is It The Future Yet? You will probably need to listen to the podcast to get the joke - mainly Jem's dog obsession and Ben's catchphrase ("that's ONE, Jem"). You should go and listen to it! You should subscribe to it! I give it a thumbs up. Two thumbs up!

In other news - here are some of my favourite computer games-related songs:

I have never played NMH and I have no idea how I found this song but it's brilliant. Plus, you can substitute the words "reaper, reaper,"  for pretty much anybody's name!

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has one of the best soundtracks of anything ever. I think the way you earned each song and had to use them throughout the game meant that the player really took them to heart. Sometimes I find myself just humming the Song of Storms for no reason...

I know it's cheating to have TWO Zelda songs but...I mean...listen to it. How could this not be anyone's favourite song? And I know it's possibly controversial, but I prefer little Cel-Shaded Link to Serious-Face Link.

I'm not much of a Sonic fan (I quite like Tails and Amy though!) but for some reason, this song always makes me smile. I don't know what a Starlight Zone is but I want to go to there.

Rhythm Heaven was a game I had on the DS. It's a rhythm-based affair where you're taught how to play along with the different songs. I think Beyonce was in the advert? This is the song I remember most - possibly because it was science-themed. You know how much I love science.

Ready? FIGHT! Street Fighter 2 ignited my love of fighting games. I played it once at a friend's house and we had it on the Atari (??!) too. Chun Li was my favourite character because she was best. Spinning bird kick? Inspired! And anyone could do that move that involved tapping the kick button really fast.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a really hard computer game. I didn't get very far - but I did listen to a lot of the soundtrack which was made by Anamanaguchi. It's the sort of music I wish I could make. Maybe I should try again? Hmmm...

Mario Kart? Yes please! I think I've played all the versions of Mario Kart - they're always so much fun. EXCEPT FOR RAINBOW ROAD!!! I effing hate Rainbow Road - it's always stupidly hard. And getting a Star doesn't stop you from falling off the sides! Bleurgh. Still, lovely song.

I suspect I could go on for a while...but maybe you should tell me what your favourite computer game songs are?

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Anonymous said...

Y'know... One of the characters in that Rhythm Heaven game looks like you. o_o