Sunday, 27 September 2009

Weekend Weekend!


So the weekend is about to pass me by. But all is not lost! People I Know #9 is all coloured in and I'm 90% sure I have a table at the London Expo! I won't believe it until I see it on the website but my pass has come

Anyways. Lots of stuff needs to be made. I've sent off the artwork to America (!!!) for the top secret project and am waiting to hear back from that. The other top secret project is still up in the air but I decided on the designs today. I need to do vector graphics or something but I don't know what that means. Maybe I can fudge it with a good ol' jpg. Everyone loves a jpg. They solve everything.

As for comics, I'm trying to see if I can collate the early (and sucky) issues of People I Know for the Expo and turn them into a fancy comic. It turns out that I made Issue 1 entirely on the photocopier so I don't have the pages scanned in or anything...which is pretty annoying. Bleurgh. I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere.

Once they are all sent to the printers then I'm breaking out the sewing machine. YEAH! I should stock up on spare needles now since I always seem to break a bumload.

I went on an adventure with a friend today and we visited the Alternative Village Fete. I took part in a competition where you had to name a cuddly cactus man. I named it Jean but I don't think I will win. Also, I bumped in a ZILLION (read: four) people I haven't seen in ages. Pretty spooky.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 turned out to be great...until it got to 2am where my friends and I realised that none of us could see properly. URNK

Right. Totally bed time.

Stay out of trouble

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