Sunday, 20 September 2009


Ahoy there!

I have some impressive news. Prepare to be impressed!

Right. So. I might might might have a table at the London MCM Expo! It hasn't been officially confirmed and what not - but if it happens then WOW!

On the boo hoo side - this means I need to make a load of new things to sell - and these things MUST to be extra fancy. I've emailed lots of interesting companies that might be of use.

But the really exciting/impressive news is that I have just worked my arse off and People I Know #9 is pretty much all sorted. Well - the rough copy was made, the proper pencils were pencilled and I finished 98% of the proper pen stuff this evening. I just need to draw my boxes and colour it all in. it will officially be the fastest issue completed since #1.

To celebrate, here is one of my favourite panels from the new issue. It won't be in colour - I just did that for fun. I'd love to have a whole comic in colour though.


Oh - it is almost Halloween. I made a picture with a ghost in it. The background is extra fancy for me - I had to scan two (2) different types of real paper to make it look like that. I hope you like it.

NOTE TO SELF: Write a goodbye letter to The London Paper.

NOTE TO YOU: If you want to congratulate me then that be very nice. Have just realised that I have spent nearly the last 48 hours hunched over Mister Computer and Mrs Desk. I also ate about 12 giant cookies. Bleurgh. Plus, when I go to work tomorrow, people will ask me what I did at the weekend and I'll have to make something up. Lame

Stay out of trouble

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