Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Good New / Bad News

So yeah. I have a table...but I'm getting properly stressed out trying to get on top of everything I need to make. It's my own fault for being a little bit ambitious...but still, it wouldn't be awful if everything became super easy.

On the one hand, People I Know #9 is finished and just needs the covers made. Some other stuff needs to be reprinted. Plus I've just finished the front covers for two volumes of People I Know. The first has the awfully drawn but lovingly made PIK #1 - 3. The other has #4 - 6. They aren't fancy but a bit more attention was paid to the drawing. I hope they turn out as pretty as their covers which are pretty cute. The picture of Patty here is lifted from one of them. I figure maybe people will start reading this blog if I post pictures of ladies... Maybe I can have a Lady Wednesday or something and only pictures of ladies go up...

Speaking of web traffic - I registered a domain name! I have no idea how to make a website but that's totally a step in the right direction right?

Still need to bust out the sewing machine but I guess the printing is the priority at the moment. Will aim to get it all completed by Friday...

Fingers crossed.

Stay out of trouble

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