Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Terrible Jokes. Worse Drawings #2

BONJOUR! Remember that time I uploaded those Terrible Drawings with even worse jokes? Well - here are some more! Both of them are jokes I was using for real life...but it turns out that the people I tested them out on were NOT amused. The Rihanna joke in particular - which I personally find HILARIOUS, was met with incredible disdain. I was pretty mortified. Seriously.

You know what though? The next time you listen to that Rihanna song ("What's My Name?"), sing along but replace the "oh na na" bits with "ba-na-na." It's so catchy! If I wasn't scared of all the mean comments, I'd record a cover version myself and put it on YouTube...

Speaking of comments - thanks for the support about me pigging out on the chocolate. Today, I had some cookies - but only little ones. Phew.


Anonymous said...

this is magical and you should do a cover of banana what's my name

DC said...

I'm going to have to admit that your blog post made me chuckle more than the comic. The comic's funny, btw :P