Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Middle Game!

Today's drawing is more than just four badly drawn panels. It is actually a fun game for you to play with your friends.

It's based on the idea that Beyonce was pretty much always in the middle of all the Destiny's Child (remember them?) photos. Whether this was because she was the most important member or not isn't for me to say. But whenever you're in a group of three, try to worm your way into the middle. Then yell "I'M BEYONCE!" - thus proclaiming yourself the winner of a game that your friends probably weren't aware of. It's up to the other two to decide who is Kelly and who is Michelle. But the important thing is that YOU'RE BEYONCE! HOORAY!

IN OTHER NEWS: I worked late and rushed to a pal's get together. I had a lovely time and met some lovely people. There was a distressing point when I thought I lost my coat (my precious coat!) but it turned up. Phew. And I didn't get to eat dinner. Boo hoo. But yeah - nice people FTW.

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