Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Oh em gee you guys! It's officially a NEW YEAR! In this case, it's now 2011, which means that we're nearing teenage-tantrum-time - my favourite sort of time. Hooray!

But yeah - it's a Saturday so this isn't a normal update, I just wanted to have something up for the first day of the New Year.

I've had a brilliant time these last few weeks. I got lots of drawing done, I saw my friends, ate so much unhealthy food and slept a lot. But it's back to the real world next week which will be a shock to the system. I hope you lot had a lovely time too! Did I miss anything exciting? Tell me everything!

As for what 2011 has in store, well, I have a lot of plans... My friend is going to redo my website and another friend is going to help set up and run an online shop for me - although I don't know when either of those will happen. As soon as possible?

I think that every print comic I make now will come under the People I Know banner - which means I'll need to repackage my mini comics and the like. That sounds quite dull doesn't it?

There's probably other stuff too but I need to enjoy my last few days of daytime television and drawing. But I'll be back to update properly on Monday! HOORAY!

Happy New Year (again)!

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DC said...

How exciting! Happy New Year! :)