Friday, 14 January 2011

Real Life: Bin News Weekly

Hey gang! It's Friday! Friiiiiiiiiday! And guess who went to a fancy place on Thursday evening and ate a fancy burger? Me! Yeah! I know I shouldn't have eaten a burger but it's my first one of 2011 and I figured I wouldn't get the chance to go there again... at least, not for a while! And some lovely people were there too. And we all know that lovely people + burger = great evening.

Speaking of great things, today's drawing features a pal from work. We sit next to each other and share a bin (a rubbish bin? a waste paper basket? you know what I mean) and for some reason, we started giving our bin names. Originally it was Bingelina but then we moved desks and got a new bin, which obviously needed a new name. This game has continued and makes everything much more fun. I would recommend it to everyone. Especially you!

IN OTHER NEWS: Enjoy the weekend! And don't forget that Valentine's Day is only a month away. I'm already organising how best to get stood up.

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