Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wizarding Wednesday #12

Thank goodness! It's Wednesday again! We can finally enjoy some time with everyone's not-really-favourite wizards. I mean, there are lots of wizards that are more popular... but these wizards are so cute. Maybe they will be popular wizards one day soon.

This is possibly the longest Wizarding Wednesday so far. One of the nicest things about the festive break was that I had the time to try out longer strips. And look! The wizards have even brought a pal along. I hope you like her. I bet she likes you!

IN OTHER NEWS: I finally got the correct ratio of tomato sauce to pasta for Tuesday's dinner. HOORAY! And I did some mock ups of what the new website will look like. Fingers crossed!


Inkitout said...

I think Wizard Wednesday is now my favorite day of the week!

kickmeiamadog said...

Witches must be the theme of the day, I'm off to see Season of the Witch later.
This makes me think of Left 4 Dead... do not disturb the witch... it's scary if you do.