Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pirates: A Valid Question

Ahoy! It's Thursday! You get pirates today! They've appeared before but this is the first time they have a valid question that needs answering. What do you think the answer is? I would like to know.

Wednesday was fine. It turned out my friend was playing a gig so I went to visit them but I felt a bit weird and ended up going home in a funny mood. Did I already say that I've scanned in People I Know #12? Well I have and will start work on cleaning it this weekend. I'm hoping to have it all sorted in time for the Small Press Expo in March...

UPDATE: I didn't realise, but this Pirate asked a question a while ago. I can't believe I forgot!


Flagpole Death said...

what do you create your comics on? i like 'em

DC said...


I just don't know whether I /want/ to know the answer to that one. Might just ruin The Little Mermaid for me xD