Friday, 12 November 2010


You probably don't remember, but a while ago I wrote a bit about drawing a weird thing about pirates. You may not have believed me but HERE IT IS! Plus it's four times the size of a normal drawing so you've got four times the misery to enjoy.

I realise now that the lady pirate just looks like a sassy lady...but she has pirate earrings. And what did lady pirates wear? Hmmm...

Regardless - I know it's a bit of a weird drawing, even by my standards, but I hope you like it.

IN OTHER NEWS: It's nearly the weekend! I've got some super fun stuffed for the weekend. And I'll start drawing my Jessica Fletchers for Jessica Fletcher Week. Please draw one too so we can be twins. You don't even need to draw it - print or paint or write a poem! Just get involved.

Oh. And which of you scurvy sea-dogs are heading over to Thought Bubble?

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

DC said...

WOO PIRATES!!!! And nice detail on the waves! Hahahaha :D