Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Jessica Fletcher Week 2010: Day Two

Oh. Em. Gee! It's Day Two of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010!!! It was amazing to see people retweeting about the first day and that's totally down to all the amazing drawings people sent in. And if you were worried you'd be disappointed with Day Two then SHAME ON YOU! Prepare yourself for some more excellent drawings of everyone's favourite Cabot Cove dame...

First up - it's Henki from Airside Japan! Henki is a proper designer who makes proper and popular things. You would totally recognise some of his t-shirts in particular. He is also a swell guy who is now living in Japan. But even though he's far away, he still found time to draw this incredible Jessica! Look at how cute she is! This was one of the first submissions that was sent in and I've had a really hard time keeping it under wraps. Thanks Henki!

Those wide eyes! The funny chin! That lovely hair. Why, it could only be Jessica Fletcher as drawn by the lovely Michelle. I think Michelle did a particularly ace job with the hair - it's spot on. And if you look at Jessica Fletcher's real hair, it's actually pretty bizarre. I get around this by giving her generic lady-hair but Michelle totally went for it. Good work Michelle!

Uh oh - Jessica Fletcher is coming to town! Quick, look busy! This drawing came from Balnek who I met a while ago on a course about things. I like the fact that Jessica appears to be walking to her next location - I'm sure I heard once that Jessica never drove herself anywhere because it meant she could catch rides with people and get the gossip. What a smart lady she is. Thanks Balnek!

Any time I see a lady with a magnifying glass, I assume she's either Jessica Fletcher or she wishes she was Jessica Fletcher. And I'm pretty sure we can all agree that the lady with the magnifying glass in the above picture is totally Jessica Fletcher - as drawn by the lovely Ben. People from last year might remember that Ben sent in a drawing last time too! I haven't seen him much this year, but I bet he's still ace. Thanks for a brilliant drawing Ben! Also, is it just me or is this Jessica totally giving us sexy eyes?

CUTE ALERT! We have a cute situation on our hands! This lovely drawing was sent in by someone who goes by the name Gotenkslovesme. I like the fact that this Jessica is wearing a typical Jessica outfit - comfy sweater and sensible skirt. Those are ideal clothes for solving crime! Oh - and don't forget the book! That book probably contains clues!

Next up - it's Adam Cadwell! He made The Everyday! He's a proper drawer - you can tell because he can draw both hands AND feet! He is also a part of the Manchester Comix Collective who you'll be seeing much more of this week! Adam has depicted Jessica Fletcher as someone driven mad by all the murder she has witnessed/wrote - and to be fair, he could be right. I mean, she's seen more murder than most people have had hot dinners. Poor, sweet Jessica. Excellent work Adam!

As well as magnifying glasses, typewriters always make me think of Jessica Fletcher. I mean, who can resist singing the Murder, She Wrote theme tune whenever they sit in front of a typewriter? Or a computer? Or anything really? This Jessica Fletcher was sent in by Graham who you may know from Private Study. His drawing is all about the typewriter - and who can blame him? Not me! Good work Graham!

Uh oh - another magnifying glass. Awkward! Actually - no it isn't! It's just a lovely drawing sent in by Xander! He was smart enough to include the other Jessica Fletcher prop: the mystery hat that she wears in press photos but doesn't really use in the actual show. If you ask me, the real mystery in Murder, She Wrote is what is going on with Jessica and that hat. Why hide such lovely hair? We may never know - but thanks Xander!

Next up - it's a saucy drawing from one of the swellest dames on Twitter - Wendy Roby! Yes - this Jessica drawing is a saucefest. There are boobs! She's got some plonk on the go! And her poor typewriter lies unused under the Rococo bed. Oh Jessica - what happened to you? The murders won't get solved if you don't put any knickers on! And you aren't even doing any writing! You really are a dictaphoney!!! Boo hoo hoo!

Goodness. Day Two of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 is just turning into a props fest. This Jessica Fletcher was sent in by Internet-whizz Andy - who you may remember from that time he drew a monster in the Summer. Andy has gone for the lesser-known prop - the basket of doom. I don't remember which particular episode the basket appears in but it is totally something I could imagine Jessica having around the house. Great work Andy!

Right! The final Jessica Fletcher drawing for Day Two is this brilliant strip sent in by the charming Rick Eades! I love the fact that his Jessica has the perfect emotional range of the real Jessica - tears, determination, surprise and joy! Those are all the emotions I have seen (and experienced) during an episode of Murder, She Wrote. It really is a brilliant show. And this really is a brilliant strip.

There we go! Day Two of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 is over! I hope you've enjoyed it! The submissions are amazing and I'm over the moon with how it is all going. And I'm still getting Jessica Fletchers in my inbox so feel free to take part if you'd like! And obviously, you should check out the people above who have sent stuff through. Oh - and don't worry, there are still three days left of AMAZING Jessica Fletchers! Prepare to be dazzled!

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