Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Katie Weasel + Sad Drawings

I totally forgot to write about X Factor! I missed the live shows because of MCM Expo but I caught up on the Internet. Thank you Internet!

To be honest, I'm pretty blah about X Factor now. The Halloween-themed episode was a bit silly - especially the sound effects. And I really can't stand Katie Weasel. Her performance was spooky and made me sad.

Obvioulsy we all know who was right, eh?

Yes! One of my favourite songs! With a wind machine! And moody lighting! AND A BENCH!!!

Oh. I just realised something. I've got new people reading this now (hello new people!) and maybe they don't like the X Factor. I totally respect their opinions if that's the case and I don't want them to be bored by today's drawing. As a prize, here is a really sad BONUS DRAWING. Everyone loves sad stuff, eh?

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