Monday, 22 November 2010


Goodness me! I am shattered! This weekend was my first ever Thought Bubble - and I've just got home. It was an amazingly fun and intense weekend of talking, drawing, dancing and even a bit of caking.

Like with MCM, I'll write up some sort of epic blog about the whole thing but I really need to get some sleep now. Sorry. Although I suspect you'll survive. Oh - and here is a drawing about Beyonce and he alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Not sure who Sasha Fierce is? Watch this handy video:

And don't forget that Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 is nearing! I've got some brilliant submissions and you should send one along too! Don't be shy!

On a final note - some of my comics were reviewed over on Hand Drawn Awesome. I'm terrified of people saying mean things about my comics so obviously I was heartbroken that it begins with the words "I hate Timothy Winchester..." but it gets better. To be fair, it couldn't get any worse after that - but it all works out fine in the end. Phew. Thanks to Christian for the kind words. And thanks to everyone that came to visit me at Thought Bubble. I had an amazing time and I hope you did too...

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