Monday, 15 November 2010

Lady Gaga: Pokeballs

Lady Gaga makes a welcome return! She's been quiet for a while - what's she up to? Anybody know? I think we can all agree that there's totally another joke about Pokeballs to make about Gaga, eh?

So yes - it's the end of the weekend. I went to the Sol Pop 3 launch on Friday which was well as bastard hot. It was good/great to see so many familiar faces all together - as well as some new faces. Hello new faces! I hope you're well!

Saturday was spent with pals. We walked around town and checked out two of the creepiest museums London has to offer. One is full of dead things in jars and the other is full of spooky toys which are possibly haunted. It's funny since I've been to both of them before but I found them double creepy this time round. Boo hoo. Then I went home and caught up with fixing all the drawings I've scanned in but not done anything with. It turned out there were more than I first thought so it was a late night. I caught up with X Factor but it was rubbish so there will be no YouTube link I'm afraid. Sorry.

Sunday was all about planning new drawings - mainly the ones for Jessica Fletcher Week. I've had some great entries so far so what are you waiting for? Get drawing! Oh - and I finally posted my MCM Expo Post! YEAH!

Next weekend will see my first ever trip to Leeds for Thought Bubble. I've never been to Leeds or Thought Bubble before so I'm quite excited...and nervous. Fingers crossed, eh?

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DC said...

OMG I totally LOL'd at this one. Thanks! XD