Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Harry Potter: Colin Creevey Says Hello

Oh Colin Creevey... no one understands you. You just want Harry to notice you, right? You think he's the bee's knees and the two of you should totally be why is Harry always so mean to you? Also, why do you look like a reject from Jessica Fletcher Week?

In other news - it is totally March and it has totally sucked.

Plus - on the train I had the following exchange:

Two Little Children (pointing at my DS): Look! A DS!
Me: Eeep! Don't look! I'm playing nerdy games and I haven't cleaned my DS ever so it's covered in dirt and grime
Two Little Children: Why don't you clean it?
Me: I'm very busy. I shall clean it when I get home
Two Little Children: As if

I think I got served by those little children. FML

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