Wednesday, 31 March 2010


A friend came to visit me at the Thing and he said I should stop using Cooper as my font of choice...which made me sad since I bloody love Cooper. It's so cute and you want to hug it and it would never dump you over the phone or think it was too good for you...

So here's a little comic which doesn't use Cooper! I don't even know this fonts name. But it's nice. It reminds me of books I read as a teeny tiny tot.

Speaking of being little - this comic has Power Rangers in it! My favourite was the Blue Ranger! I also want recognition for getting all their visors correct!

FUN FACT: Today was proper hideous. Everything that went wront went so amazingly wrong that my brain exploded. Seriously - trying to meet a printing deadline is tough enough but have the regular printer *and* the industrial-sized printing machine *both* break at the same time is not fun. BLEURGH!


Lizz said...

boo to bad day- but hurrah! to Power Rangers! my bro's fave was Billy the blue ranger until Tommy the white ranger joined them.

oh Kimberly, oh Jason, oh Trini? (was that the yellow rangers name?!) I miss you all.

Anonymous said...
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