Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy 200th Blog Post!

Hahahahahaha. This is my 200th post here - and I totally wasn't prepared. Oh dear. So here's a drawing with two of my favourite things in it - Jessica "Sexpot" Fletcher and Mystery Inc.

I've spent the ENTIRE WEEKEND drawing for some exciting projects. I was up until 4am on Saturday and today was lots of sewing and stuff.

Good news: I have met some nice people! It's like having friends!

Bad news: I'm knackered!

Here are my two favourite telephone-related YouTube clips at the moment. Maybe I can pretend that this is some sort of special event for the 200th post or something... I will write more about them both later:

John Quincy on the Telephone

Lady Gaga is sexing up the Telephone

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Juan said...


Happy 200th!

You have to write (or make a drawing) about how you went from disliking the 'Telephone' video to loving it in just one weekend.

And -totally unrelated- we have to watch together Nanny McPhee! when will that be?