Monday, 6 June 2011

Wizard Week 2011: The Final Few


Remember a few weeks ago when it was Wizard Week 2011? I hope so since it was so much fun. I received a few wizards after I'd written up the final entry and although it's no longer Wizard Week, it would be a shame to waste them... So here they are!

This double wizard party was sent in by Matt - someone I met at MCM Expo some time. Matt really likes comics! And you know what, I think he must really like wizards too, except for the second wizards being dead. I think Matt gets bonus points for one of his wizards using his beard as a bird-holding device. What a good idea! Thanks Matt!

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with W... Yes! It's a Wizard! This one was sent in by Hurc who I know through Twitter. I love the book that this wizard is holding - it's totally the sort of book I would buy, especially because magic seems pretty confusing and must be tough. it's also refreshing to see a wizard with a gem on the end of his staff. Gems are important! Thanks for wizard Hurc!

So...this is possibly the final wizard for Wizard Week 2011 and lucky for you, this beardy beauty was sent in by Stuart. And look at his little pointy feet! In my mind, wizards always wear robes but Stuart's onto something - trousers and pointy shoes would make a lot more sense. I mean, you could move around and you look like you could be in a band! And what an amazing beard! Thanks Stuart!

So yeah - that's probably it. I hope I didn't forget anyone! Thanks again to everyone who sent in wizards - I really appreciate it. And I hope you enjoyed yourself!

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