Thursday, 28 July 2011

Manchester MCM Expo

Hello Hello!

Firstly - thanks to everyone for the nice comments in the last post. I defo chose the right week to go down to three updates - I've been pretty busy! On the down side, I have found it pretty weird not uploading a different drawing every day. I miss having daily feedback. I just need to get all my new comics done quickly...

The other hot news is that I'm at Manchester MCM Expo on Saturday! If you're around that area then come along and visit me. I'll have tote bags and comics and badges... and this will possibly be the last lot of People I Know: Year One for sale since there's only a few comics left. I might reprint it. I might not! WHO KNOWS!?

Anyways. Yeah. Thanks for being nice!


Stay out of trouble


Anonymous said...

Hi Timothy,

I was at Manchester Comicon today. Was nice chatting to you even though we did not discuss your stuff what-so-ever. Anyway, I was dressed up as Misty and you asked me to send you a photo of me with that man misty! Just wondering how you want me to go about that really....


Peter Gregory said...

Heeeeeey yooou! I saw you and we chatted :D I was the "Team Fortress" guy! I hope you remember me...

If not.. ='(

But it was cool chatting to you, must of been the highlight of my day haha :D