Saturday, 5 November 2011

New Badges! YEAH!

I think these are the new badge designs! The old sets have all gone to better homes so I hope you like the new batch! There are SIXTEEN designs this time round! I've even given the wizards their own badges - no more sharing for them! You might be a little surprised/confused to see the Science Lady on there since she's only ever appeared in *one* comic...but I really like her. I have plans for her! Unicorn goes in because everyone loves unicorns!

The only catch is that I couldn't decide how to group them together. I thought about doing them all randomly so you wouldn't know what characters would appear in your pack. But then I worried that...well... I just worried. So, instead I've put them into the following groups:

So this way, every pack has a nice mix of well-known characters and um...other ones!

AND! In special bonus news - I have designed this giant badge! The above ones are 25mm but this one is something crazy like 58mm!!!! WHAT THE WHAT!

The Caticorn was super popular so now it gets a badge! I'm not getting many of them so make sure you come and visit my table. All of these badges should be ready for Thought Bubble! HOORAY!

I hope you're well! Have I missed anything exciting? Are there characters that should get badges next time?

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