Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Angela Lansbury Week 2011 - Day Three

I don't know whether you've noticed...but I've tried something a bit different with this themed week. Normally, I just concentrate on the central character and do some jokes. BUT! This time, I've tried to concentrate on getting the People I Know characters involved. It has been a new experience! I hope you've enjoyed it. But whatever - you aren't here for my stupid words. You want some Lansburys! And who am I to refuse you? Prepare yourself!!!

Angela Lansbury doesn’t always play cute and cuddly characters. Fine, her better known roles (Jessica Fletcher, Mrs Potts et al) couldn’t be any nicer…but she’s played her fair share of scary characters too. And, I’m of the opinion that even characters like Jessica Fletcher aren’t pushovers. I mean, you couldn’t solve that many murders if you didn’t have a steel backbone. But that’s a whole other post – this drawing of a pretty sassy Lansbury was sent in by Tom, someone I was lucky enough to sit (almost) opposite at this year’s Thought Bubble. Tom has done a great job of reminding us that one should never underestimate a dame! Thank you Tom!

You know who likes cycling? Jessica Fletcher in the opening credits of Murder, She Wrote! And my pal Jon! YAY! He drew this sassy looking Lansbury with a lovely collar and some smashing-looking earrings. What a dame. And what a guy Jon is for sending it in. Not many people know this, but Jon is pretty much in charge of the Internet. Well, when I say “not many people,” I actually mean “everyone that I introduce Jon to.” It’s become a bit of a running joke between us. Well, me. Thanks for this Jon! And thanks for all the burritos you’re going to buy me!

This drawing was sent in by Jack – a man who promises he did this from memory, without cheating. Jack has made use of two Murder, She Wrote costume classics: a nice pearl necklace and PERFECT HAIR! Do you see a hair out of place? No you don’t! Because Jessica Fletcher AND Angela Lansbury always have perfect hair at every moment. It just happens! So yes – thanks Jack! (Nope. Not mentioning the dragon)

RUDE WORD WARNING! Avert your eyes if you don’t like swears. But this excellent drawing by Becki is so cute (SO CUTE!) that maybe that will counteract the rudey? I don’t know. I’ll let you decide yourself! But yes – Becki has chosen to draw everyone’s favourite witch, Eglantine Price! What a vision in purple she is! Great work, Becki!

I work with some pretty cool people…which you may or may not believe considering how often I come home, exhausted and emotional. One of those cool people is lovely Neil – an ace guy who is always happy to help me with things. Hooray for Neil. And Hooray for his drawing. Neil has opted to depict two of Ms. Lansbury’s biggest roles – the magnifying glass represents Murder, She Wrote whilst the bedknob obviously represents Se7en. Haha – only kidding. It is actually for Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Thanks Neil!

MRS ‘ARRIS ALERT! MRS ‘ARRIS ALERT! That’s right! It’s that time of the day when we all go on a money-saving montage before getting the ferry over to Paris. Oh no – have I said too much? Have I spoiled the plot? Well, you should have watched the film! It’s so good! But yes, this drawing was sent in by Sara – a friend of a friend that I haven’t seen draw before. But judging by this, she should do it more often! I love the eyes and nose – very Mrs ‘Arris. Thanks Sara!

FUN FACT: I don’t drink tea. But you know who clearly loves tea? This Angela Lansbury – sent in by Dan! I was going to say that Mrs Potts loves tea too…but then I thought that if I had been transformed into a magical teapot, I would be SO SICK of tea. The smell. The constant sloshing around my innards. Bleurgh. No thanks. But still, excellent work Dan! Thanks for sending this in! 

Pirates. What a bother they can be! All that cursing! And what about the parrot droppings?! Plus, you need a beard to be a pirate so I wouldn’t be allowed to join up. Jon, who sent in this drawing, has a beard. But you know who doesn’t? Ruth from The Pirates of Penzance! Whether it’s because she can’t grow one or just doesn’t want to – who knows? The important thing is that she gets to sing some sassy songs whilst wearing a giant hat. Score. Thanks Jon!

Angela Lansbury’s fame and influence isn’t just limited to my heart/England. Oh no. She is a big name pretty much everywhere! Including Canada – as demonstrated by this lovely drawing by Canadian-born, snappy-dressing Jordan. This drawing involves two iconic pop culture references – the magic scene from Bedknobs and Broomsticks AND Kylie’s Locomotion. Unless I’m just completely wrong? I don’t think I’m wrong. But you know what isn’t wrong? Those sensible shoes! Perfect for everyday situations from broom-flying to deep sea diving! Thanks Jordan!

Ha. I just realised that this batch of Lansburys features THREE from gentlemen called Jon/Jonathan. And this is one of them! This Angela GLAMSBUSY (see what he did there?) was sent in by the professional drawing dude, Jonathan! Clearly, Jonathan knows a looker when he sees one – and as you can see from his drawing, Young Angela is a very pretty lady. If you don’t believe me, check out this clip from the 1948 film Till The Clouds Roll By – where Angela does a great rendition of Spoon With Me… in a very fetching outfit. Such a great song! I wish someone would sing it to me. But I’m getting off track. Go check out some of Angela’s early films and be dazzled by how accurate Jonathan’s drawing is. Thanks Jonathan

Wowsers. I think that's another day done for Angela Lansbury Week 2011. I hope you were dazzled by all the drawing skillz... And by Angela's acting skillz too. She makes me feel like such an underachiever. Sigh. Come back tomorrow for some more brilliant drawings! There are some proper crackers on their way!

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