Sunday, 1 January 2012

Review of the Year: Comics in 2011

2011 was a year and now it’s over. In 2010, I did some comics about my Review of the Year but since so many of this year's People I Know comics have been about me and my life, I figured I’d do a blog about some of my favourite things instead. Plus, one of my plans for 2012 is to make better use of this blog anyway so everyone is a winner! HOORAY!

So, here are a few of the comics I enjoyed in 2011. There are lots more than this but these ones are jumping into my mind now that I’ve sat down to type…

by John Allison 
You know what two things I love? Well-paced romps of a mystery persuasion and stories about young people, trying to navigate growing up. Think Murder, She Wrote and most books by Diana Wynne Jones. Combined! It’s that sense of good fun that got me super excited about this Bad Machinery story.. Well, that and the onions.

by Joe List
Skimpy Jim is the sort of comic I wish I had made. It even has a gatefold cover which has been my comic-dream for a long time. One day, I will have my own gatefold cover! JUST YOU WAIT! But yeah – read Skimpy Jim if you want to smile. It's a story about hair and monsters and being true to yourself.

by Tom Siddell
What the eff? It turns out everyone has been reading Gunnerkrigg Court and not telling me? Come on! Why didn’t anyone let me know? I was sitting nearly-opposite the Gunnerkrigg table at Thought Bubble and picked up the first (giant hardback) volume to read on the train ride home. It was really engrossing – lots of mysterious stuff going on, mixed with some ace characters. I imagine I’m not the first to say it, but it’s sort of like Harry Potter mixed with Lost. If I cared about Lost.

by Luke Pearson
The internet is awash with praise for lovely Luke Pearson – and rightly so. He works hard and is a good person. Hooray for him! In 2011, whilst I was busy crying under my desk, Luke was working his fingers to the bone on this masterpiece. It’s a tale about a girl named Hilda and also, there is a midnight giant. Or is there? It’s the sort of comic I would have demanded my local library order in. And I only did that for the good stuff.

by Philippa Rice
My Cardboard Life is probably one of the webcomics I look up to most. It’s smart, fun and cute with a brilliant cast of characters. I’d be happy if just one of those words could be used to describe People I Know (let alone all three), so 2012 is all about knocking my webcomic into shape. Philippa also put out an amazing book this year, compiling LOADS of My Cardboard Life strips. It is A4 and in full colour and just ace. Keep it up Philippa!

by Lizz Lunney
I look positively upbeat compared to Depressed Cat – the ever-sighing feline from the brain of Lizz “Lizzbert” Lunney. I wouldn’t read this book if you want to see a happy cat. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it…because you should. It’s funny (rhymes with Lunney!) and cute (rhymes with…boot?) and totally worth some time in front of your eyes.

by Jim Stone
I picked up the first issue of Red Planet Ride at MCM Expo in October. I can’t remember how I got to talking to the creator, Jim, but it didn’t take much for me to buy it. It’s so pretty! Mysterious powers! Whales! Sassy teens! Bicycles! My favourite things! I’m expecting to see some pretty impressive things from this gentleman so keep your eyes peeled. And do yourself a favour by picking this up.

I’m still reading the odd mainstream comic and the weekly trip to the comic shop are a nice distraction after work. I’m still reading X-Factor which does a great job of juggling a large cast of characters. The X-Men line has been through some changes with Schism (which I thought was a great waste of time) but I’ve been picking up the odd title. The whole “setting up a school for young mutants” is pretty much my dream storyline so I’ll be following that for a bit. Mainly just because Quentin Quire is brilliant. And in non-X-Men news, Journey Into Mystery has pretty much done the impossible – it made me care about the Asgardian-section of the Marvel Universe. Plus the festive issue with the puppies was brilliant. The new series of Daredevil has also found its way into my buy-pile. It looks good and isn't boring! Excellent combination!

As for manga, Fairy Tail is still ace and will continue to be ace as long as they keep Lucy and her celestial spirits around. Oh! And Hunter X Hunter has started again! HOORAY! Bleach and Naruto are still doing a great job too but that goes without saying.

So yeah – there’s some things for you to read in 2012. And hey, maybe I'll make some cool stuff too for you to read! Fingers crossed!

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