Monday, 18 June 2012

Proof I'm Not A Terrible Person!


Sometimes I worry that I complain and moan and bitch too much and that anyone reading this will think I’m a terrible person. I don’t think I’m a terrible person though. I pretty much go out of my way to be nice to people!

With this in mind, I just wanted to put together a mini blog post about the things I’ve been enjoying lately. Or right now. Not only does this prove that I’m a person who likes things, but it also means that maybe you’ll find something to like too? And isn’t that what the Internet is all about (after naughty videos and cute cats being cute)?

So yeah – prepare to be dazzled!

"Summer Music" by Advance Base [Music Video] from Philip Hodges on Vimeo.

This man used to be Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - one of my favourite bands/musical things ever.

 I went to see Moonrise Kingdom at the cinema! I think it is the first Wes Anderson film I've sat all the way through. It was very sweet and now I want to sew badges onto all my clothes. I *almost* want to go camping!

This was a group performance on The Voice. I watched it whilst doing this emoticon O_O'''''''. They have lovely voices but whoever came up with the theme is... well... I don't know. They could be really brave and smart and I just didn't get it. But anything involving a men having to duck under a floating, plastic apple deserves some sort of mention. I like the song though! Oh - and Bo was my favourite. SPOILERS: She didn't win.

This sassy song has seen me through some typing traumas. So sassy. So very sassy.

 Revenge has been my new favourite series. I want to start crossing faces out of photos and doing schemes!

The Case of the Fire Inside - the latest story from Bad Machinery by John Allison.

 Cornelius and Toots is a brilliant cartoon about two paranormal investigators. It has made me want to make cartoons that are good... not like the last one I made. Plus, this reminds me a little of Professor Layton which I'm a sucker for. Well done to everyone involved. More please!

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