Sunday, 23 March 2014

Songs That I've Shazam'd

Shazam is a great app that identifies songs that you make it listen to. I was in a shop yesterday (buying a pen, since you asked) and they were playing a song that sounded really familiar... With the power of Shazam, I found out it was this...

FUN FACT: Shazam makes a list of all the songs it has identified for you! Who knew? So, for no reason other than it's fun, here are a bunch of the songs Shazam has identified for me.

Dream of Me by Kristina Train

This reminds me a bit of Heaven Knows by Girl Called Johnny - one of my favourite songs in a long time

Love of the Common People by Paul Young
(This appears at least twice in my list... which says a lot about the state of my memory)

Odessa by Caribou

I Can't Go For That by The Bird and the Bee

Celesitca by Crystal Castles

If you've got Shazam, have a look at the list of songs and if you think I'd enjoy them based on the above then send them along! It's always nice to have new music to listen to!

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