Sunday, 5 July 2009



Today is Sunday which means that tomorrow is Monday and then it won't be the weekend again. Boo hoo hoo. I've got lots of drawing to do at the moment but I spent this weekend seeing friends (that just returned from holiday - those turds)...and it was officially super fun.

As well as seeing old friends - I bumped into a ridiculous number of people from yesteryear. An actually ridiculous number. It was ridiculous.

I did some drawings for the awesome DARK BEIGE which I hope you like. I did some other drawings for an upcoming project involving one of my favourite actresses. Also - I ate a massive breakfast at dinner time. There were pancakes! Scrambled eggs! Mini-sausages! French toast! A milkshake! I still feel a little sick to be honest but it was so worth it.

I don't have any new stuff to post so here is an old one. Piney Gir is an amazing singer who is both brilliant and the bee's knees. I made a whole comic once about ghosts - but this one was just a one off because she'd lost her voice and we were sad about it.

Wish me luck - this week looks like it'll be an important one.


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