Sunday, 19 July 2009

Introducing: Mr Computer

Finally. It happened. I have my very own proper desktop computer. I've been waiting for this for quite some time and it's obviously very disappointing. Don't get me wrong - I have Spotify! The choice of desktop background! A Blu-Ray drive (but no actual Blu-Ray discs)! Oooooooh!

On the other hand, I also have:

- no actual eject button
- no speakers
- a mouse with a roller ball thingy
- no included wireless

Seriously. Vista. You are the bane of my life. I would love Mr. Computer (for that is the computer's name) so much more if you were just XP or something. It's not that you come with all sorts of junk preinstalled - I could deal with that. It's just the way you make such a fuss about things. I don't want to spend years trying to sift through my documents. I have never had to use the 'Help' function so much before. It has made me feel like a proper moron.


Still. I'm sure me and Mr. Computer will become BFF over time.

In other news - I did no drawing this weekend but I did construct a desk, a giant wardrobe and a weird shelf thing. I haven't done proper flatpack stuff before and it was so traumatic that it deserves a very special post...and don't even get me started on my awful Friday.



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