Thursday, 22 October 2009

Boo hoo!


I try not to talk about my proper job in case someone reads it and I get told off...but tomorrow is my friend's last day in the office before he goes adventuring. I am sad about this for a number of reasons...but I got a funny cartoon out of in your face! I even put my name at the bottom so I could print it out and give him a copy and he'd remember me.

FUN FACT: I had a lot of trouble trying to find a funny end insult that was inoffensive. I had to reject "turd weasel" and "cum dumpster" in case anyone got upset.

UPSETTING FACT: I had a weird out whilst pencilling in my initial grid. So, instead of all the panels being the same size, I drew slightly diagonal lines instead of vertical ones. I think they're about 5mm out. So if it looks a little skew-whiff then don't panic (like I did) - your eyes aren't about to explode - it's just my poor measuring. I suck.

Bye work guy! I will miss you!


PS. MCM Expo this weekend. Am relying on badges and comics arriving by Friday. URNK!

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