Thursday, 15 October 2009

SECRET PROJECT: Piney Gir Artwork


So I took the afternoon off work and the majority of my plans went hideously wrong...except that I got my hands on the CD that I did the artwork for! HOORAY!

Say hello to the latest CD single by Piney Gir - the song is called "Say I'm Sorry."

Here is a rubbish picture from my fancy phone:

I had a pretty tough time making them because the printing people needed fancy files and had templates and things - none of which I'm that up on. However, it came out right. Seriously - it's on fancy paper and there's a real case and it has a CD inside and my pictures are all over it. Also, it is officially the first big project undertaken on Mister Computer. Well done Mister Computer!

The theme was "cheerleaders on rockets."

FUN FACT: There is no purple in the pictures.

TRUE FACT: I don't know when it'll be up on iTunes or anything but you could probably get a copy by emailing Piney herself. Or email me! I have some! Speaking of me - it's bed time.

Stay out of trouble

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