Sunday, 17 April 2011

Back Pain and BBQs (and the cover for People I Know #13)

Hello! Another week has flown by...which means it must be time for another blog post. Hold onto your...uh...hats? Is that how the saying goes? Hats? Hair? Hares?

REGARDLESS: I was pretty busy this week but it was...nope, just busy. I had ALL SORTS of plans for my evenings but most of them were pushed about. My high-powered business meeting got moved back so I spent two evenings getting ahead with next week's drawings. On Wednesday, I met some pals from that time I went to Edinburgh and we ate burgers. It was a really fun night out and was a lovely reminder of how ace people are.

Thursday saw me a pal from work go on an adventure. We walked around town and I got some DVDs... well, two DVDs. I got the Scott Pilgrim movie (I enjoyed it at the cinema) and the entire first (only?!) series of The Comeback - this really AWKWARD

That trailer doesn't do it justice and I'm only half of the way through...but wow. Yeah. I would recommend it. I *am* recommending it. Then we grabbed some food and everything was great. Obviously we ALL know what happens after Thursday - it's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Fridaaaaay. A pal came to visit so we met up after work, met up with some other pals and we grabbed some food - after having a slightly odd conversation with some guy on the street about my boobjob. Yep - I didn't get what he was talking about either... Goodbye Friday! Hello Saturday! My pal was doing the first of two event-things so I was up early. I finished off some drawings, did some laundry and..went for food with pals. I'm beginning to suspect that I spend too much money/time eating at restaurants. After that, we watched more episodes of The Comeback and went to bed.

Sunday (that's today) was spent visiting the new gym, joining that and then buying gym shorts. And I went to a Zine event near Brick Lane which was really busy. I couldn't have a proper look round but the stuff I saw was impressive. Then I went to a pal's house for a BBQ which was nice...although I got a little lost on the way home. I was actually a little scared since it was dark...

AND NOW I AM TYPING THIS! Next week is pretty crammed and I'm meeting a new addition to the family at the weekend. Exciting! Speaking of new additions, the drawing at the top of this entry is 95% probably going to be the new cover for the next issue of People I Know - which you should remember from back here. It should be ready in time for MCM London.

EXCITING NEWS: Wednesday the 20th of April will be my 300th upload!

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