Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy 300th Post!

I don't really post my comics here any more...but I figured this is a special one so it's OK.

So yeah - believe it or not...but this is my 300th drawing/webcomic. I worked this out by copy and pasting what was in my archive and putting it in a numbered bullets. To celebrate, I was going to ask you guys to do drawings of your favourite characters...but I think I'm saving that for a few weeks time. But, I did make an extra long drawing! That's something, right?

I hope I can continue making comics and stuff for a while and I hope you continue to enjoy them.


Bil said...

Hope we won't have to wait for #600 to see the witches kick the crap out of the wizards !

DC said...

A little late but HEY! Congrats on reaching 300!! :)