Monday, 2 May 2011

Time Flies...

Hello! Sorry for not writing sooner - as always, things have been a bit odd. In fact, I've only got the time to type this today because it's another Bank Holiday! Yay!

So, what have I been up to? Mostly drawing wizards...but that's a story for next Wednesday... I went home for the long Easter weekend. I held a baby and ate some food (mostly salad) and watched some TV. Then I went back to town, laden with cut-price chocolate Easter eggs.

I saw lots of pals in the last two weeks as well - burittos, cupcakes, walking, sitting in parks - GOOD TIMES! Then it was time for more work. I saw Thor on Wednesday which was ace. Skip forward to the next weekend and it's time for the Royal Wedding - which I really enjoyed. You can watch it all on YouTube (how modern) but for the actual day, I went to a friend's house and watched it whilst eating pancakes. The best of times! Except, I was planning on doing lots of drawing during the ceremony so I didn't fall behind...which I ended up doing anyway since the wedding so so distracting.

Saturday was spent at the BFI for a Sci-Fi event which saw the official release of Paper Science 4! The makers of it also documented the day in this little film:

Paper Science 4 debut from Anne Holiday on Vimeo.

I have a page in it, a preview of which you can see a bit of at the top of this entry. Afterwards, a pal and I grabbed burritos (again - I think burritos might replace burgers as my favourite food to eat with friends) whilst sitting in a park. Some guy did an amazing reverse park in his car... sort of like this:

OK. FINE! It wasn't like that - I just think that video is funny.

Friday and Sunday was also spent trying to make an animation. I don't really know what I'm doing but I did something...BUT! ARGH! I can't effing export the effing thing in any YouTube-friendly format. I'll have to send the .swf to a pal and ask them to turn it into a .mov for me. I'm pretty annoyed - especially since I spent so much time on it. Bleurgh.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm going to make an announcement/plea on Wednesday. I hope you'll all help out. Oh - and I'm getting ready for MCM Expo. And by "getting ready," I mean "sitting around in my pyjamas, eating cheap Easter eggs..."

IN MUSIC NEWS: I have been listening to this. A lot.

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My favourite food is a purrito