Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wizard Week 2011: Day Two

We survived the first day so if you’re reading this, it must mean you want to see all the other wizards that have been sent in for Wizard Week 2011. If you’re not here for wizards, then feel free to hang about anyways… 

Who is this mysterious fellow? Why, it’s Herve the Hedge Wizard! He has been drawn/created by Simon – a man I suspect must be part wizard himself. I asked him how he made it (again with the interest in processes) and he said it was just a rough sketch and some computer stuff. However he did it (I still suspect magic of some kind) it’s ace. Thank you very much Simon! Thumbs up! Except, unlike you, I can't draw hands!

Say hello to Duncan the Wizard, as drawn by Trevor. Trevor and I used to work at the same company and our paths crossed briefly but only via emails. So when he appeared in my inbox for Wizard Week, I was worried I’d gone back in time. But I hadn’t. Anyways – Duncan has a great colour scheme doing on. Although, I hope his robes stay blue for a bit longer - brown isn't a great colour for robes. Thanks to Trevor for introducing us all to Duncan!

Next up is this drawing of Roy Wood from Wizzard. Who drew this rainbow vision, I hear you ask. Here’s a clue – it was Clark! Clark is one of the super team behind Thought Bubble and an all round cool dude. Although, now I’ve seen his drawing, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed that Clark doesn’t have rainbow powers. WTF Clark? Sort it out! Haha – only kidding, thanks for the wizard. You are ace!

Being a wizard requires three things (in my mind) – a robe, a beard and a wand. And by the looks of the drawing he sent in, Dan totally agrees with me. This wizard is Merlin – possibly one of the most famous wizards ever… although since I don’t think Merlin has his own theme park, I guess Harry Potter is actually more popular and famous. Not that it matters, this isn’t a popularity contest. All I wanted to say was “ace wizard, thanks Dan!”

Oh! This wizard double bill was sent in by Alejandra, all the way from South America! And what a pair of wizards it is – Gandalf the Grey and Tim the Enchanter! I’m not sure which of the two is the most powerful…maybe Gandalf because he has a more impressive beard? But then Tim has ram horns… Hmmm. I’ll let Alejandra decide. Thanks for sending them in!

Lots of people say that swimming with dolphins can cure all sorts of things…but what would happen if you swam with a Dolphono? Would you catch T-wartz? Don’t ask me, ask Indy, who sent in this brilliant wizard. This wizard loves maths and who can blame him? Maths is pretty cool. Thanks Indy… now please take that Dolphono away, he’s scaring me.

Are you prepare to be weirded out? Then once you’ve finished admiring Mark’s drawing of Wizbit, feel free to YouTube it. I just did and it is…wow… It’s a little scary. I think I’m most scared of Wizbit’s eyes – they seem a little untrustworthy. But still, he’s a wizard which is the important thing. And the end music is pretty catchy. Thanks Mark for bringing Wizbit into my life!

Remember that one time when Wills and Kate/Katherine got married and we all watched it and ate cake? I do…and judging from this ace picture sent in by Nick, I’m not the only one! Although Nick seems to remember it a little differently to me. To be fair, a muggle like myself could easily have missed Hagrid trying to enrol Prince Harry into Hogwarts. I’ll rely on the superior wizard-detection skillz of Nick on this one. Thanks for sending this in Nick!

I don’t really read that many DC comics but one of the ones I *am* reading is the new Zatanna series. And why? Because Zatanna is effing cool! Or should that be – Esuaceb Annataz si gniffe looc! This brilliant drawing was sent in by Mart – the brains behind Spandex. And look! I’m in the drawing too! HOORAY! I hope I don’t fall into Zatanna’s top though – it’s probably not the safest place to be during a magical crime-fighting adventure. Thanks Martin! Sknaht nitram!

Being a wizard is pretty tricky and having the right equipment is essential…which is why this drawing by the lovely Rick is very useful to anyone considering venturing off on their very own magical quest. A personal favourite is the navigation snail. I could do with one of those in real life to be honest… except I don’t really like snails. But I like getting lost even less… Hmmm… But still, thanks Rick! 

COMIC STRIP ALERT! This little belter was sent in by Ben – who you may or may not remember as being the nice guy who drew the People I Know fanart a while ago. So yeah, this drawing contains another Discworld reference – so I’m assuming I really need to read the books. Is that the case? Also, I really like the fact that Ben has used the correct People I Know colours. I get really particular about the colours sometimes so I appreciate it. Thank you Ben! 

So that’s it for Day Two of Wizard Week 2011. As a bonus prize for being so well behaved, here is a drawing I did for a pal. It is based on something they were saying on Twitter – so obviously it’s a wizard dog standing on a hot dog. And the dog has nano-wizard powers! And there’s a cat too! I hope you enjoy it! Come back tomorrow for some more wizarding action!

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