Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wizard Week 2011: Day Three

It’s Wednesday and it’s Wizard Week 2011 – so today must be a pretty magical day. How exciting! And I really hope you’ve been enjoying Wizard Week so far. I know I am! Although it’s a lot more work than I remember it being!

Anyways – without further ado…

You know how highly I think of beards…mainly because I’m unable to grow one myself. And this drawing is all about the beard. That’s because it was drawn by Rembrand – a prince of beards! Maybe organising Wizard Week 2011 has come from my beard-obsession? Hmmm… Maybe I should seek help? Whatever – thanks Rembrand! I’ll buy you a cake whenever you’re in town next.

Uh oh – it’s another Discworld wizard…and I still haven’t read any of the books. This drawing of Rincewind was sent in by Rob – who I happened to bump into at the weekend. I should have asked to borrow a book or something. But yeah – I’m already a little scared of the Discworld books as there appears to be a magical chest with trotters. Is that a thing? I am so confused. But I’m not confused about saying thanks to Rob. Thanks Rob!

It may or may not surprise you to learn that I really enjoy a good fighting game. I hate fighting in real life but let me do a Spinning Bird Kick or a Hundred Hand Slap and I am all sorts of excited. That’s why I’m extra pleased to see Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat in Wizard Week! This drawing was sent in by Martin. Thanks for bringing back all sorts of memories. Now… FINISH HIM!

Do you like squids? Do you like wizards? If the answer is yes to one of these questions, then great. If the answer is yes to BOTH of these questions then this drawing is the one for you. Sent in by James, the Squid Wizard is probably a very talented wizard. Thanks for sending him along, James!

What’s better than a wizard with one beard? How about a wizard with TWO BEARDS! Yes – that’s right, meet Two Beard, as drawn by the talented Kyle. I don’t know Kyle so I can’t tell you an amusing story or anything – but I can tell you that I very much enjoy this wizard. Thanks Kyle!

You know what’s sassy? A wizard? You know what’s three times as sassy? THREE WIZARDS SINGING ON STAGE! And I’m clearly not the only one that things so as this drawing was sent in by Howard. I’ve never been to a festival (because I don’t think I could deal without a real toilet) but if there were wizards on stage, I would totally go. Why aren’t there more wizards in bands? Thanks Howard!

What is a wizard without his hat? Let me tell you – a wizard without a hat is like a…uh… Ghibli movie without a bunch of cute stuff. But talking of cute stuff and wizard hats, this comic strip was sent in by the owl-obsessed Amy. I don’t think you can be too small for wizarding – but I should probably investigate. More importantly – thanks Amy!!!

Watch out guys! It’s about to get metatextual as someone draws me appearing alongside my own wizards.  What’s going on!? This comic was sent in by John who I met at Thought Bubble 2010. He also got two of his pals to send in wizards too. So double thanks for that John. I totally owe you come cake. Or a song and dance routine. You can choose. Oh – and just to set the record straight, I don’t think I’m super cool or awesome…but I am quite nice. At least, I hope I’m nice? Either way, thanks John!

What’s blue, bearded and lives in your trousers? It’s obviously a wizarding version of Mike Dolphino! Those of you who aren’t familiar with Mike Dolphino really need to get up to speed. Mike is a very big deal…and he’s probably in your trousers right now! I’m really excited that he’s taken part in Wizard Week. Thank you very much Mike. I can’t wait to see you again!

Once upon a time, I went to work and asked a pal to draw a wizard. He passed the wizard-drawing onto someone else and that someone was Stephen… which is funny since I don’t really know Stephen so I’m not sure what to write here. He seems very nice? And I talked to him about comics? I guess it doesn’t really matter what I know/don’t know about Stephen – the important thing is that he drew a wizard. Thanks Stephen!

CURVEBALL! This drawing of the moody Juno (from the movie “Juno”) was sent in by Tom – officially one of the nicest guys I think I’ve ever met. Tom, as well as being a super nice, is also a freelance drawing guy so I’m double pleased he could find time in his schedule to take part in Wizard Week. Thanks Tom!

So…today’s comic on the website mentioned Scientists. As a bonus prize, I drew them for you! They are called the Sunday Science League - which is why you haven't seen them before because I don't make a comic on Sundays. The lady in the middle is their leader and I think she’s quite bossy…but only when she has an audience. Also, her hair changes colour a lot because of science. And the floaty thing is a robot head with a brain in it. You might see them all soon. WHO KNOWS!

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