Sunday, 2 October 2011

People I Know #14


So...I've been working really hard on getting the next printed comic made and I'm pleased/proud to say that it's nearly done! Say hello to the cover of People I Know #14!

I'm a bit nervous about this comic since it's the first time I've made a comic that you sort of need to have read the webcomic. Previously the comics have been self-contained but this one features...well, I won't say.

It's full colour and I'm hoping to send it off to the printers tomorrow so it should arrive in time for MCM Expo. I tried to make it exciting and feel like a reward for having read the webcomic...but also that you could still enjoy it even if you've never seen any of my stuff before. Hahahaha - that sounds so stupid. In a nutshell, I wanted to make a cute and exciting comic that looked nice.

What else can I say about it? I might have another announcement soon which is mysterious and exciting. And I'm really looking forward to MCM Expo! I always have a lovely time - even if I'm exhausted by the end of it. I think my costume is all sorted too! Are you coming along? Will I see you there? I hope so!

Oh! I know! Have this bonus panel! It is full of PERIL! Who has the sword? Why are they waving it in my face?!

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