Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wizard Party!

I just realised MCM Expo is looming and one of my planned NEW COMICS hasn't arrived back from the printers. Uh oh. But I'll blog about it anyways since it will turn up soon enough.

In case you can't guess, this is a printed collection of the magical Wizarding Wednesday drawings - along with the drawings from Wizard Week! I'm really excited about it since it is the first time I've collected a themed comic together - who knew those little wizards would last so long!

If you're out of the loop - Wizarding Wednesday as a thing I did for a while where every comic uploaded on a Wednesday was about a group of wizards. It wasn't really planned out that way - I just drew some wizards and made some terrible puns. In fact, it started out like this:

And it just kept going from there. That little wizard was paired up with some pals and together, they even celebrated the 300th webcomic! Good job!

So yeah. I think there are over 30 comics in there. There are some I haven't included for various reasons and I apologise for that - but I'm still really excited about the whole product and I hope you are too.

In other news - I've been super busy at work. I did a really good deed today (it involved queuing up for two and a half hours!) and I've got lots of labels to sew into tote bags for the weekend.

London MCM Expo - 28th - 30th October
Comiket - 12th November 2011
Thought Bubble - 19th - 20th November

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