Friday, 11 November 2011

Angela Lansbury Week!!!

So... do you remember that time when I asked you to draw Jessica Fletcher? Or some monsters? Or wizards? Or Jessica Fletcher again?

I hope you do because for the third November running, I'd like to ask all the ace people I know (and maybe some people I don't) to put their creative hats on and get drawing/making/singing. Except this time, instead of just concentrating everyone's favourite sassy detective, I'd like to invite you to draw any of your favourite roles that the mega talented Angela Lansbury has ever portrayed.

Yes - that's right! It is ANGELA LANSBURY WEEK!!!

Now, don't panic! If you want to draw Jessica Fletcher then go for it! But for those veterans of Jessica Fletcher Week - this opens all sorts of doors for you!

You could draw Mrs Potts from Disney's Beauty and the Beast:

You could draw a saucy, singing, spoon-obsessed Angela:

Do you like pies? Mrs Lovett does:

How about a sassy cleaning lady:

What about trainee witches:

I could go on and on - Angela Lansbury has an amazing career! So feel free to go wild! Except, since she's an actual real person, please don't do anything rude or disrespectful.

Angela Lansbury Week 2011 will officially start on Monday the 5th of December but if you could get your entries to me by the 2nd of December, that would be ace - it would give me time to write nice things and upload them. And obviously, please ask your pals to get involved. The more the merrier!

Email them over to me at timothy UNDERSCORE winchester AT yahoo DOT com. Include a link to your website or blog or anything so I can plop that in too!

So yeah - please take part! And have a lovely weekend!

Stay out of trouble

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Anonymous said...

There is a hero with the similar name to Angela Lansbury: Michael T. Landsberry (sic). Remember Mike.