Friday, 23 October 2009

MCM Expo: Here I come!

So...for the last month and a bit, I've spent pretty much *all* my free time making things for a stall at the MCM Expo - which is this weekend! I'm officially nervous (and a bit sleepy) since I haven't been to anything on this scale before. Urnk! Plus, I've got all sorts of new things to sell. You should come along and check them all out. There will be:

- the brand new issue of People I Know
- felt owl pals
- badge packs
- ghostly pictures
- acrylic brooches
- teeny comics of tears
- stickers!

There should be more stuff...but I can't think what. Bleh. It's late. I'm tired and I need to be on a 7am train tomorrow to set up and things. Boo hoo. But yeah - come along and say hi. I'll be in the Comics Village surrounded by much more talented people than me...

Stay out of trouble


axms said...

Hi hi,

I really enjoyed meeting you at expo..

I've just read your comic, I was moved at the separation of toast and dinosaur.. Dinosaurs and toast really have it bad in our world..

My owl, creatively I decided to call him Timothy; is enjoying his new place in following me around London in my bag..

Hope your day of expo goes well.. I look forward to meeting you again so we can do stuff >_> (That Adolf Hitler went a bit far..)

See you again, I hope,

Sam. (Guy who hates travelling and Queues and likes Dragonball Z and Murder, She wrote.)

Timothy Winchester said...


It was officially great to meet you too...except I should have grabbed your email address for adventure planning. As it is, I hope you'll read this comment.

Sunday was less busy but no less weird. I sold some stuff and met some nice people and was sleepy.

So...yeah...get in touch?