Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Frobisher Says!

Hello hello!

A while ago, I was asked by some delightful people whether I would do some drawings for a computer game on the fancy new PS Vita. Obviously I wet myself and screamed "OMG! YES PLEASE!!!" and that's where this story begins.

The delightful people in question were HoneySlug and Mr Richard Hogg and they were working on something that would eventually become Frobisher Says. The game is a series of exciting mini games that cover everything from winking at badgers (or not winking at badgers), drying a sausage dog or smashing eggs. I've played it! It's lots of fun! Other people have played too it too! They also think it's lots of fun! Even my pal who hates everything has been saying how ace it is.

FACT: Once you're familiar with each game, try playing it in a foreign language!

I drew three different games. It was a really interesting experience because the brief was pretty loose. So, although I knew there was egg on a branch, it was up to me to decide what that egg looked like. Here is one of my early sketches!

In fact, doing sketches was a whole new world for me. It isn't something I really do normally. And also, I drew everything on different layers so everything could be animated afterwards. It turns out that this was useful training for a later project but that can wait for another blog.

I don't know whether it is available in the US or Japan...but it came with pre-ordered Vita consoles over here in England. I think it is available for downloading from the store in May. I've only written about one of the games here so that the other two will be a surprise!

I was so thrilled to be asked that I did some Frobisher Says fan art! I hope Frobisher likes it!

I don't think Frobisher ever says "spook that spectre," but if I designed a game for him then it would defo involve doing just that!

And here is a rainbow bird family! Aren't they cute! Which one if your favourite?

So yeah - mega thanks to HoneySlug and Dick for asking me to get involved. I can't tell you all how excited about the whole thing. I hope you all get excited when you play it!

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