Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Valentine's Story 2012 - Deleted Scenes


So...after a few (three?) weeks, the Valentine's Day story of 2012 is over. Well, it concluded yesterday.

I'm really happy with it as a story and I hope you all enjoyed it. We got to see familiar faces in new positions, old friends that haven't been up to much and we also got to meet Jake the Cake! Hooray for Jake!

So...the story was meant to finish with yesterday's drawing.  However, as I was colouring it in, I felt like there were lots of extra bits and bobs that I had wanted to draw but couldn't as I was worried the story would feel too long. After a bit of thinking, I came up with this - some Deleted Scenes! For the remainder of the week, you'll see some short strips showing you all the extra bits that you didn't get to see. For example, today you get to see what Sally really thought of Toby and what the Witch got up to on her holiday.

It also means that I can reveal the name you chose for the Witch as part of Friday's drawing! That's exciting. Well...I think it's exciting.

What else? Well, I'm off to ATP this weekend which is my first big music festival. I'm a bit nervous so I hope it's fun. I'm making another diary comic about the time I went to Manchester. Maybe I'll make one about my time at ATP? I'm sure there is other stuff too but I can't think what...

Oh! And I was at London Super Comic Con last last weekend! That was a thing. In fact, it was pretty good fun. It was a whole new audience for People I Know and I had a nice chat with some cool people. Plus I saw the back of Stan Lee's head! In real life! Yeah! My next convention will be Comica in April.

I hope you're well! Have a lovely day!

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